2008 MetLife Awards: Capitol Weed & Seed Coalition

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
The goal of the Capitol Weed & Seed Coalition in Phoenix is to "weed out" violent crime, drug use, and gang activity from targeted neighborhoods and to plant the "seeds" of rehabilitated homes, spruced-up streetscapes, and a wide range of programs and social services. The Coalition has built long-term partnerships between police, community developers, faith based organizations, businesses and residents, that have led to a reduction in crime and improved quality of life. Strategies include affordable housing development, a Volunteer Income Tax Center, youth prevention programs, neighborhood patrols, blight elimination, and other creative efforts to reduce gang activity, drugs and violent crime. Since 1998 approximately 300 drug houses have been shut down, block watches and neighborhood patrols were created, and a strong community police partnership was initiated and maintained. The partnership is also responsible for creating a steering committee and a model law enforcement committee where residents meet monthly to address public safety and revitalization issues.
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