2008 MetLife Awards: Community Policing Action Council (CoPAC)

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
The Community Policing Action Council (CoPAC) is a federation of neighborhood, business and community groups in the City of Ypsilanti that act as an advisory council to guide the long-term community policing philosophy of the Ypsilanti Police Department. The Gateway Community Council represents residents alongside community institutions such as the Ypsilanti Area Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Michigan University, and other neighborhood and business organizations that make up CoPAC. This federation brings together citizens and police in determining problems and priorities, and implementing linked enforcement and development projects to improve long-term safety. Through explicit collaboration with police, CoPAC has helped neighborhoods previously known for loitering and illegal activity become ripe for new business ventures and property renovations. Developers are now not only seeing a return on investment, but they are renovating historic properties back to their original splendor, enhancing the uniqueness of this community. Statistics confirm a significant reduction of crime within the City of Ypsilanti since the formation of this collaboration.
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