2008 MetLife Awards: Indiantown Revitalization Project

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
The partnership between Indiantown Non-Profit Housing, Inc (INPHI) and the Martin County Sheriff's Office is focused on the revitalization of Indiantown, FL with a primary focus in the Booker Park neighborhood. The partnership provides an integrated approach to community revitalization in working to create both safe homes and streets for the target community. Over the last 10+ years, this collaboration has helped increase community awareness; ensured greater code compliance by property owners; reduced trespassing, loitering and drug sales; increased security measures taken by local business to reduce theft; and provided crime victim support services. As one example, the partnership along with other community leaders undertook the revitalization of an area in Indiantown known as "Rogers Quarters", a 12 acre site comprised of roughly 100 one-room shacks and other dwellings, many of which were destroyed in a 2004 hurricane. Already known as a hub of drug activity, Rogers Quarters experienced increased crime following the storm. Through the community-police partnership, damaged homes have been repaired, new homes have been built, and properties beyond repair have been demolished. The revitalization project has resulted in a significant decrease in crime and an improvement in the quality of life for residents.
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