2008 MetLife Awards: Information networks forge strong community-police collaboration

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Fax Net 1 is a communications network that links local, state and federal law enforcement agencies operating in Maricopa County to each other and to community members for the purpose of safety education and rapid crime incident response. Using relatively simple technology-a database with contact information (particularly fax numbers) for residents and business owners-Fax Net 1 has given police agencies in the Phoenix area the capacity to mobilize community members to assist in gathering information about crime incidents. In addition, education alerts disseminated through the Fax Net database have empowered community members to protect themselves in the face of specific crime trends. The database system was initially created by property managers seeking a way to better protect their residents. Today it is managed and maintained by a non-profit organization representing the interests of both community members and police. Evidence of success includes documented reductions in crime in areas that have used the Fax Net communications network strategically, as well as consistently high usage by law enforcement officers who see Fax Net as a trustworthy tool for crime prevention education and response.
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