2009 MetLife Awards: Asset-Based and Community-Centered Community Revitalization

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Metanoia Community Development Corporation and the North Charleston Police Department successfully worked together to reduce crime and to revitalize the Chicora-Cherokee community in North Charleston, South Carolina. Metanoia's community development approach emphasizes holistic asset-building that includes building leaders, establishing quality housing and generating economic development. Early on in its partnership with the police, Metanoia identified increasing homeownership rates (then 25%) as a priority. Through redeveloping vacant homes and empty lots in crime-generating areas into quality affordable housing, Metanoia created opportunities for previous renters to become homeowners. This investment further fostered stability in a community that had been written off as a "crime-infested" problem area. Ranging from housing development and reclaiming public parks to the revitalization of a commercial corridor, the partners' strategies resulted in a 16% decrease in overall crime with over 65% drops in certain target areas.
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