2009 MetLife Awards: Rebuilding Lives & Communities

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Both the Richmond Police Department and Boaz & Ruth were independently interested in the Highland Park neighborhood for years. Once a thriving business area, post-1960s Highland Park was characterized by vacancy, poverty and high crime. Boaz & Ruth (a non-profit developer and service organization) and the Richmond PD began working together closely to reduce crime and recidivism rates and restore empty buildings for positive use. By taking advantage of the strengths of each partner, collaboration between the Richmond Police Department and Boaz & Ruth has yielded far more notable and sustainable improvements than either group previously achieved through independent action. The presence and support of the Richmond Police Department has empowered Boaz & Ruth's efforts to renovate buildings, restore positive commercial activity and reduce crime and recidivism by supporting successful transitions home for former offenders. Public safety achievements include a 37% reduction in crime from 2006 to 2008.
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