A Broadband World: The Promise of Advanced Services

Matthew D. Bennett
This document is a continuation of efforts to identify innovative broadband applica- tions and their impact on communities. In 2002, APT published Advanced Services, Enhanced Lives, which contained seven stories of broadband use. This updated version showcases new applications, but also features those previous studies, in or- der to better demonstrate the variety of applications made possible by broad- band services. As broadband is a dynamic technology, this research is an evolving endeavor. Continuing examination of broadband applications is necessary to track both the developmentsandthebarriers. Newuses are conceived continuously, and new obstacles to universal deployment and ac- cess arise. Highlighting applications will help more people become aware of broadband’s benefits and provide tools that can assist communities as they seek to enter the broadband world. The case studies profiled here are broad- band applications and community pro- grams already in place that demonstrate the various uses of broadband and strat- egies for accelerating deployment and use. With high-speed connections, these projects can create connected commu- nities and deliver services that would oth- erwise be impossible. These stories are about potential. They use broadband ser- vices from different platforms and at dif- ferent speeds. They target different au- diences. But all share a common need for high-speed capacity and all strive to im- prove quality of life for their constituen- cies. Without broadband, these applica- tions would be far less useful.
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