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A catalogue of published collections of cases focused on specific topics in the public and nonprofit sector.

Public Sector

A Casebook Of Alternative Governance Structures And Organizational Forms
Michael Hynes, Sheila Nataraj Kirby, Jennifer Sloan
Santa Monica, Calif. : Rand, 2000
This study is a short-term effort examining alternative ways that government can carry out its activities. The study was commissioned by the Defense Reform Initiative Office and should prove useful to government agencies and decision makers who are considering options for organizing themselves or their functions in different ways. The report considers governance structures and organizational forms that offer alternatives to the usual in-house provision of services. The alternatives can offer a chance to adopt modern business practices, streamline the organization, and adopt market mechanisms to improve quality, lower costs, and become more responsive to constituencies. As specific illustrations, the report describes several case studies.

California Public Management Casebook
Barry Keene, ed.
California State University, 1999
Here is a book that uses real world examples to explain the difference between good intentions and good public policy and how able politicians turn the best intentions into law. These cases will help students understand and appreciate the harsh realities of public service. Too many bright, able people who might play a productive role in politics are put off by ethical fears that they will be consumed by the dark side of political life. These cases contain lessons designed to assuage such fears and suggest a repertoire of responses to political dilemmas.

Case Research in Public Management
David E. McNabb
M.E. Sharpe, 2010
Highly readable and non-technical, this handbook is designed to help students and non-profit managers gain a working knowledge of the principles and practices of conducting qualitative case study research in public organizations. The book is a motherload of practical and comprehensive guidance to planning, conducting, analyzing, and reporting case research project findings.
McNabb begins with a detailed rationale for the use of the case research approach in public administration, nonprofit organizations, and political science. Then it provides step-by-step instructions on how to conduct single-case, multi-case, and meta-analysis research, with guidelines on organizing and writing the case report.
Case Research in Public Management also includes many examples of case studies in a wide range of important topics in public administration, including performance management, sustainable government, technology management, security issues, emergency and disaster management, social and health services, infrastructure, public transportation, and transforming the work of government. McNabb begins with a detailed rationale for the use of the case research approach in public administration, nonprofit organizations, and political science. Then it provides step-by-step instructions on how to conduct single-case, multi-case, and meta-analysis research, with guidelines on organizing and writing the case report.

Case Studies in Innovation Policy
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OECD Publishing, 2005

Case Studies in Public Budgeting and Financial Management

Aman Khan, W. Bartley Hildreth
CRC Press, 2003
Providing a unique framework for examining recent trends and developments in public budgeting and financial management, this text/reference compiles a wide range of case studies and examples illustrating key principles in budget preparation, execution, organization, and analysis; managerial planning and evaluation; operational accountability and efficacy; debt issuance and management; financial management practices; and risk and debt assessment. Case Studies in Public Budgeting and Financial Management, Second Edition clarifies procedures to establish, adjust, and assess budget forecasts...manage financial activities under budgetary strain...plan a capital improvement program...monitor cash flows and conserve resources...solve cutback and downsizing dilemmas using theoretical models...and issue and manage debt...and discusses the legal, economic, and political elements of the budgeting process...operational processes...ethical concerns in financial management...audit recommendation follow-up...and current procurement policies.

Canadian Cases in Public Administration
Kenneth Kernaghan
Methuen, 1977

Cases in Public Policy and Administration: From Ancient Times to the Present

Jay M. Shafritz, Christopher P. Borick
Longman, 2010
Writing the perfect complement to their bestseller, Introducing Public Administration, Shafritz and Borick highlight the great drama inherent in public policy — and the ingenuity of its makers and administrators — in this new casebook that brings thrilling, true life adventures in public administration to life in an engaging, witty style. 

Case Studies in Public Budgeting and Financial Management
W Bartley Hildreth, Aman Khan, Bartley Hildreth
CRC Press; Revised and Expanded, 2003
A resource for administrators seeking innovative ideas and supporting precedents in formulating policy, this book also provides a useful textbook for public administration and policy students. It employs a wealth of case studies in budgeting and financial management to demonstrate strategies in system implementation, policy formulation, government accounting, auditing, and financial reporting. With contributions from leading experts, it clarifies procedures to solve cutback and downsizing dilemmas using theoretical models, and provides pragmatic approaches to managing financial activities under budgetary strain. It also covers the evolution of a debt management policy.

Case Studies on Digital Government
Bruce A. Rocheleau 
Idea Group Inc (IGI), 2007
IT practitioners in government and computer science programs represent a significant population of professionals constantly attempting to obtain information on the latest research in public management, digital government, and other governmental information management subject matter. Case Studies on Digital Government is the first book dedicated to detailed case studies of information management in government.Case Studies on Digital Government includes cases from local, state, Federal, and international governments, covering a wide variety of technologies such as geographic information systems, enterprise resource planning, Web-Based customer response systems, and cross-agency shared systems. It contains case studies written by practitioners, while most case studies in the public sector have been written by researchers. The practitioners' in-depth knowledge bring a reality to the cases that readers will find stimulating as well as instructive.

Citizen Participation: Innovative and Alternative Modes for Engaging Citizens Cases from the United States and South Korea
Marc Holzer, Dongsung Kong, Daniel Bromberg, Ed.
American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and National Center for Public Performance at SPAA, Rutgers University-Newark, 2011
This text book compiles case studies of both the United States and South Korea aiming at presenting accounts of citizen participation so that it may serve as models for those looking to implement similar projects or it may simply stir the imagination and help many recognize what is possible. American cases focuses on municipal-level innovations, including Sustainable Seattle in the state of Washington, The Straphangers Campaign in New York City, Clean Air Council in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Report to the Citizens of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Korean cases include Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project, a revitalization effort taken on by the government of Seoul, citizen monitoring in construction projects, Citizen Participation on the Web: the case of ‘E-People’ in Korea, citizen participation in budgeting:the GwangjuBukgu District of Korea and citizen evaluation of government services:The Case of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Current Cases in Public Administration
Marc Holzer, Ellen Doree Rosen, ed.
Harper and Row Publishers, 1981

Digital Government: E-Government Research, Case Studies, and Implementation
Hsinchun Chen, Lawrence Brandt, Valerie Gregg, Sharon Dawes, Roland Traunmüller, Eduard Hovy, Ann Macintosh, Catherine A. Larson
Springer, 2007

Ethics and Politics: Cases and Comments
Amy Gutmann, Dennis F. Thompson
Wadsworth Publishing; 4 edition, 2005
A casebook that helps students recognize and assess the strengths and weaknesses of moral arguments in the making of public policy, ETHICS AND POLITICS: CASES AND COMMENTS is a special book for a unique course in the political science curriculum. Meant to be used in conjunction with other readings on political theory or moral philosophy, part one considers the ethics of process: the morally questionable means--violence, deception, and corruption--that are most commonly used by public officials. Part two discusses the ethics of policy: the valuable but often competing ends that public officials strive to achieve. Conflicting values, scarce resources, and stakes as high as life and death combine with the duties of public office to make choices among policy goals controversial and morally difficult. In both parts, each ethical issue is paired with case studies in contemporary American politics. For example, the controversy over the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay; or issues during the campaign and election of 2004.

Health, Culture and Community: Case Studies of Public Reactions to Health Programs
Benjamin D. Paul
Russell Sage Foundation, 1995

Innovations in Financing Public Services: Country Case Studies
Stephen J. Bailey, Ed., Pekka Valkama, Ed., Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko, Ed.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2010
This book explores new forms of private, mutual municipal, public-private and "reverse" state funding of public investments, co-payments and shared contributions, vouchers, and pooled public risk-financing. It includes case studies taken from the Nordic countries, UK, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey and South Korea.

Managing in the Public Sector: A Casebook in Ethics and Leadership
Brett S. Sharp, Grant Aguirre and Kenneth Kickham
Longman, 2010
Managing in the Public Sector gives students and instructors of public administration, leadership, human resources management, and administrative ethics nearly seventy case studies - ranging in scope and complexity — that illustrate theoretical concepts, encourage active student participation in the classroom, and bring to life the exciting work and myriad challenges real public administrators face every day.

Politics and Public Organization in Thailand: a Case Study of Organizational Change in the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
Kowit Kangsanan
Bangkok, Indiana University, 1983

Practicing Public Management: A Casebook

C. Kenneth Meyer, Charles H. Brown
St Martins Press; 2nd Sub edition, 1989
This practical casebook presents students with a variety of administrative situations and problems for analysis. Portraying realistic, on-the-job situations, cases represent all major aspects of public management at all levels of government.

Privatization or Public Enterprise Reform?: International Case Studies With Implications for Public Management
Ali Farazmand
Greenwood Publishing Group, 2011
Challenging the prevailing view of privatization, this book analyzes the state of privatization around the world and offers policy suggestions. It includes original material of an analytical, empirical, and case study nature on the theory and practice of privatization, its relationship with the globalization of capital, its political and ideological underpinnings, its political, social, and economic consequences around the world. Its originality, currency, and critical perspectives make it a unique source for a wide variety of audiences. The book's opening chapters deal with an extensive theoretical introduction followed by discussions on contracting out, public enterprise reform, and UN-led evaluations of contracting performance. In part two, the book turns to privatization and its flaws in major industrialized nations, including the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia. Part three analyzes privatization and its effects on policy and administration in Asian and Middle Eastern countries, including Post-revolutionary Iran, India, Singapore, Hong Kong-China, and Arab developing countries. Arguing that privatization is a poor policy with many dangers, the book offers suggestions for serious reform of public enterprise management and for alternatives to privatization.

Public Administration: Cases in Managerial Role-Playing
Robert P. Watson
Longman, 2001
This unique series of role-playing scenarios gives students a realistic view of what it is like to manage public agencies, programs, and employees, providing students with a deeper understanding of the field through active learning.

Public Administration: Concepts and Cases
Richard Stillman
Houghton Mifflin; 8th edition, 2004
This book offers a unique and highly regarded framework in which conceptual readings are paired with contemporary case studies that reflect real-world examples of administrative work, as well as new thinking and developments in the field. Case studies and examples cover topics such as the Columbia space shuttle disaster, the shootings at Columbine High School, and the war in Iraq—making it easy to engage students in the readings.

Public Administration in India: Case-Studies
M.C. Gupta
Gyan Books, 1999
A volume of fifteen case-studies dealing with several facets of public administration in India marks the complexities of Indian reality and votes for innovative measures to even the daunting nature of tasks and challenges facing the Indian administration, serves bureaucrats, statesmen, scholars.

Public Administration: Profession and Practice: A Case Study Approach
Gerald Garvey
St. Martin's Press, 1996; 1st edition
A fresh alternative to the typical public administration text, Garvey’s is the first text to combine a solid analytical framework with in-depth cases portraying the vital, human side of public administration. Garvey’s cases turn abstract concepts into human narratives, guiding students through the kind of ongoing, multi-level problems real public administrators face.

Public Finance for Poverty Reduction: Concepts and Case Studies from Africa and Latin America (Directions in Development)
Quentin Wodon, Ed., Blanca Moreno-Dodson, Ed.
World Bank Publications, 2007
This book presents some basic theoretical concepts of public finance with a particular emphasis on its impact poverty reduction. Eight case studies from Latin America and Africa illustrate how these concepts are applied in practice and the implementation issues that emerge.

Public Sector Employment: Cases and Materials (American Casebooks)
Joseph R. Grodin, June Weisberger, Martin H. Malin
West Group, 2004
This law school casebook includes materials dealing with constitutional rights of public employees, civil service, and tenure laws as well as public employee collective bargaining statutes and/or significant unionization among public employees. It emphasizes how the law governing the public sector workplace differs from the private sector. The book facilitates classroom examination different policies, issues, and concerns that arise when government is the employer. Laws from a variety of states, as well as the federal government, enables the instructor to compare different approaches to matters such as bargaining unit definitions, scope of bargaining, impasse resolution, and grievance arbitration.

Studies in Case, Government and Binding
Mike A. Jones, Kevin P. Phillips
University of Essex, 1987

The Case for Bureaucracy: a Public Administration Polemic
Charles T. Goodsell
CQ Press, 2004
Persuasively argues that American public servants and administrative institutions are among the best in the world. Contrary to popular stereotypes, they are neither sources of great waste nor a threat to liberty, but social assets of critical value to a functioning democracy. In presenting his case, Goodsell touches on core aspects of public administration while drawing on important, recent events to bring case material and empirical evidence fully up to date.

The Public Administration Casebook
Robert Cropf, Jennifer Kohler, Kim Loutzenhiser
Longman, 2011
The Public Administration Casebook is a practice-based collection that speaks to the lived experience of students and prepares them to become more effective practitioner  of public and non-profit sectors by providing case studies arranged around major themes in public administration.

The Work of Administration in Nigeria: Case Studies, Published for the Institute of Administration
D. J. Murray, University of Ife. Institute of Administration
University of Ife, Nigeria by Hutchinson, 1969

The Public Manager Case Book: Making Decisions in a Complex World
Terrel L. Rhodes, ed.
Sage Publication, Inc., 2002
As academic disciplines, public administration and public policy programs have struggled to link theoretical and conceptual grounding with practical application. Students often have discrete courses in human resources, finance, organizational behavior, policy analysis, and planning, but rarely are they offered an opportunity to pursue these through actual cases and problems facing public managers. The Public Manager Case Book is a collection of eight public administration cases that allows students to practice the decision-making skills they will need in their jobs as public managers. Each case focuses on the local administrative issues managers most often face in their day-to-day responsibilities, and each encourages students to collaborate with others in order to gain the necessary cooperation and information. The cases are multi-dimensional and challenge students and professors to draw from a variety of knowledge areas to develop alternative recommendations, decisions, or actions.

Water Resource Management: A Casebook in Law and Public Policy
Dan Tarlock, James N. Corbridge, David H. Getches, Reed D. Benson
Foundation Press; 6 edition, 2009,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.&biw=1140&bih=764&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=9742661403519627469&sa=X&ei=_K-CTsyvFIaa8QPl04kK&ved=0CFEQ8wIwBA
The Sixth Edition has been thoroughly updated to include several new federal and state cases, legislation, and administrative regulations. The authors have included material and case studies on many other recent developments that are not yet fully reflected in cases and statutes. Some of those case studies, including the management of the Great Lakes, the multi-million dollar aquatic ecosystem restoration program in the Bay-Delta, efforts to protect endangered species, and the aftermath of the 2002 water cut off for farmers in the Klamath River Basin have been expanded and updated. Each chapter contains significant new material. Although the organizational approach for these initial chapters is new, the majority of the cases in them will remain familiar to users of earlier editions. However, the first part of Chapter 8, which deals with local water distribution organizations, has been compressed by eliminating the principal cases. New material on adequate water supply laws has been added.

Nonprofit Sector

Cases and Applications in Non-Profit Management
Robert T. Golembiewski, Jerry G. Stevenson
Wadsworth Publishing, 1998
This casebook addresses a broad range of realistic management situations and problems encountered in nonprofit organizations. In addition to a collection of lively and challenging cases, it includes a substantial introduction on using cases in the classroom, plus exercises and questions that help students delineate some of the unique issues facing nonprofit managers today.

Casebook of Management for Nonprofit Organizations: Entrepreneurship and Organizational Change in the Human Services
Simon Slavin, Dennis R. Young
Routledge, 1985
An essential and unique contribution to the social organizational literature, Casebook of Management for Nonprofit Organizations highlights the importance of good management to human service organizations. Author Dennis Young uses case studies that stress entrepreneurship and are addressed to particular aspects of human services management--the processes of new program development and the management of organization change. Written in nontechnical, readable language, the cases deal with a wide array of types of organizational change, ranging from development of new programs to the birth of new organizations, the merger of organizations, and the expansion and diversification of the service offerings of various agencies. Moreover, the cases touch on many other intrinsic aspects of organizational administration including management of professionals and other staff, working with trustees, financing programs through government and private sources, coping with governmental regulatory processes, and managing relationships with organizational clients and constituent groups.

Fishman and Schwarz's Taxation of Nonprofit Organizations, Cases and Materials
James J. Fishman, Stephen Schwarz
Foundation Press; 3 edition, 2010
This casebook has been adapted from the authors' pioneering and widely used casebook Nonprofit Organizations: Cases and Materials. Topics include organizational and operational requirements for tax-exempt status for charitable and mutual benefit organizations, private foundations, the unrelated business income tax, and the charitable contributions deduction. An introductory chapter provides valuable perspective and a concise overview of the nontax considerations affecting choice of legal form for a nonprofit organization. This edition incorporates all important legislative and administrative developments, including the Pension Protection Act of 2006 "reforms" and proposed regulations on public charity support tests and supporting organizations.

Fishman and Schwarz's Nonprofit Organizations, Cases and Materials
James J. Fishman, Stephen Schwarz
Foundation Press; 4 edition, 2010
This casebook includes  a comprehensive mix of materials that is adaptable to a survey course, a policy-oriented seminar, or a more specialized J.D.-level tax class. Every major topic is accompanied by a skillfully developed set of problems, and is enriched by lively authors' notes and questions, and bibliographic references. Highlights include coverage of all significant developments since the last edition, including best practices and reform proposals for nonprofit governance; new investment and donor stewardship standards under the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act; and the emergence of the social enterprise movement.

Nonprofit Boards and Leadership: Cases on Governance, Change, and Board-Staff Dynamics
Miriam M. Wood
Jossey-Bass, 1995
Offers detailed case studies that demonstrate the crucial strategic issues facing nonprofit governing boards and offers board members new methods for dealing with them.

Nonprofit Management Casebook: Scenes from the Frontlines
Gary M. Grobman
White Hat Communications, 2010
The Nonprofit Management Casebook: Scenes from the Frontlines is unlike any other management casebook available. The 16 cases that comprise this volume are written in a style that will keep you turning the pages for more-they are that fun to read! Each case is designed for maximum educational value, illustrating key management concepts, many of which are unique to the sector. Highlighted are issues relating to fundraising, ethics, governance, personnel management, board-staff relations, and financial management. Each case is set in a different type of organization, among them a long-term care facility, a family service agency, a hospital, a think tank, an institution of higher learning, a foundation, and an advocacy organization, providing readers with a sense of the diversity of the sector. These vibrant cases sing with authenticity and plausibility, yet are crafted to be read simply for pleasure. Each case is followed by a series of discussion questions that are guaranteed to engage students in spirited discussion. Academic reviewers have been unanimous in giving this new text a "thumbs up," and we know you will be delighted with these stories, either as a required assignment or simply for enjoyment.

Second Chance : An In-depth Case Study on Nonprofit Organization's Resource Allocation and Operational Optimization
Noriko I Chapman, Daryl D. Green
CreateSpace; 2 edition, 2011
Second Chance presents nonprofit organizations with a way to use operations management tools to make them more efficient and better equipped to assist their clients and constituents in meeting their needs. Through the eyes of student Noriko Chapman, readers will be taken on a magical journey of overcoming a difficult situation in operations management and life.
This book will guide you to… •Learn how to navigate operations management as it relates to nonprofit organizations. •Gain greater confidence in your ability to apply these concepts to your own problems and issues. •Discover how to break from your own limitations by breaking the barriers of your self-doubt.

The Nonprofit Sector in Interesting Times: Case Studies in a Changing Sector
Kathy Lenore Brock, ed., Keith G. Banting, ed.
Queens University School of Policy, 2003
Relying upon the traditional virtues of innovation and commitment, these organizations are redefining their relationship with governments, forging new intra-sectoral alliances, learning new virtual realities, and altering their behavior to suit shifting funding and policy imperatives. In The Nonprofit Sector in Interesting Times the authors capture this changing environment and evaluate its effects on voluntary organizations as they strive to serve Canadians better, whether at the federal level, across the provinces, or in rural communities. The cases explored here include internet regulation and privacy legislation, conservation efforts and biodiversity, the savings behavior of NPOs, the breast cancer policy community, and voluntary sector-government compacts.
Contributors include Kathy Brock, Philippe Barla (Universite Laval), Malcolm Grieve (Acadia), Femida Handy (York University), Alison Li (York University), Agnes Meinhard and Mary Foster (Ryerson University), and Susan Phillips (Carleton University).

The Art of the Story: Case Studies from the Nonprofit Boardroom
Betsy J Rosenblatt
National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 2000

The Rand Corporation: Case Study of a Nonprofit Advisory Corporation

Bruce L. R. Smith
Harvard University Press, 1966

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