Cordes Junction Interchange Environmental Assessment, Yavapai County, Arizona

Federal Highway Administration
The interchange between Interstate 17 and Arizona Highway 69 is being evaluated for reconstruction because of capacity issues. As part of the environmental assessment (EA) for this project, the Arizona DOT used its staff archaeologists to evaluate cultural resources potentially affected by the project. Several historic aboriginal-use sites were identified. Relevant tribal governments were formally informed of the project and the types of historic sites involved. They were given an opportunity to comment on the project and to send representatives to a site visit to examine the particular archeological sites in question. Two tribes (the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community and the Hopi) asked to visit the site. The case study describes the process of contacting the tribes, conducting the site visits with tribes that expressed an interest, and conducting follow-up discussions. When the EA is completed, these discussions will form the basis of a memorandum of agreement between the tribes and state and federal agencies.
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