Greenhill Community Center

Melissa Stone

These teaching cases present dilemmas and escalating crises facing the new executive director of a small, multipurpose nonprofit organization. Greenhill Community Center was in transition between its founder and a new executive director, Leslie, who had a very different style, professional background and approach to management. The cases present a good overview of general management responsibilities of an executive director of a small nonprofit but also the particular challenges of taking charge after a popular founder/executive director leaves. The (A) case describes how the board hired Leslie specifically to take Greenhill from a "family-run" organization to more of a "business." During her first year, staff resist many of her early moves, and she confronts tough fundraising and program problems, including allegations of child abuse in Greenhill's day care program. The (A) case ends in a crisis involving staff, board and Leslie. The (B) case describes how this crisis escalates, ending in a standoff between the board and staff. The (C) case contains Leslie's reflections on how she could have done things differently during her first year.

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