How Giving Contests Can Strengthen Nonprofits and Communities

The Case Foundation

The Case Foundation sponsored a study on how giving days and giving contests can promote donor engagement, skills development, and new online marketing opportunities for nonprofits. Read about the results from Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington, and learn tips for giving contest organizers and nonprofits that participate.

Giving contests are becoming an increasingly common tool for cities and regions to increase donations to nonprofits. One recent contest—Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington—was conceived to strengthen the area’s nonprofit community, not only financially, but also through improved online fundraising skills and better donor-nonprofit relationships.

To achieve these goals, organizers built the event with three key components: a contest structure that supported individual giving with a higher priority on individual donors versus size of dollars; a nonprofit training program that would help organizations not only to perform better during the giving day, but also acquire long-term online fundraising skills; and a significant marketing program deployed to heighten the awareness of the nonprofit community and facilitate the event.

The results were notable. Including prize money, Give to the Max Day raised $2 million for 1,200 nonprofits from 18,000 donors on November 9, 2011, its inaugural effort. Read the report on Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington to learn about how giving contests can benefit your community.

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