Michigan Federal Facilities Saving Energy Projects

Tim Shireman
The Levin Federal Courthouse is a multi-story, 605,285 square foot, masonry building that was constructed in 1934 in Detroit. In 1999, the MI-FEMP Initiative completed an energy use analysis to gauge this building's energy consumption for the previous 12-month period. The total energy bill for that period was $629,842 with electricity
accounting for more than 70% or $457,832 of the bill. The initial audit identified many energy efficiency opportunities such as reducing electric loads by upgrading fan and pump motors to premium-efficiency models and optimizing chiller plant operation. Other opportunities were installing demand limit controls, reducing lighting use and improving cooling tower efficiency. Also, energy use reduction could be achieved by replacing disintegrated ductwork. The initial energy audit recommendations presented this facility with significant cost saving potential while suggesting many ways to improve building energy-using equipment and to increase occupant comfort.
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