My Town

Broken Bulb Game Studios
“My Town is a fun and exciting city building game for Facebook.  With My Town, users are able to create an exciting, visually stunning city using hundreds of buildings and decorations.  Users begin by building a few basic homes and collecting money from those homes over time.  They can spend the money on anything they want, from roads and trees to corner stores and mansions.  As their town gets larger, they’re able to unlock more features and fun. My Town players don’t simply build their towns for themselves either.  Instead, their friends and neighbors can visit and explore their towns and earn money for doing so.  Build your own city exactly the way you want to.  Add exclusive monuments and special decorations to make your town unique!  Expand your town and land to become larger and more diverse.  Add core components and earn trophies and rewards along the way.  My Town was the original city building game on Facebook and revolutionized the genre with its innovative and engaging game play elements. Join over 2.5 million players in the ultimate city building adventure!"
Access through the Cases and Simulations Portal from Rutgers SPAA
External Link: My Town
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