Orienting Urban Planning to Sustainability

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
Curitiba, perhaps the best planned city in Brazil and an international model for sustainable development, is more than simply the result of a few
successful projects. The city’s achievements are the result of strategic, integrated urban planning. This overarching strategy informs all aspects of
urban planning, including social, economic and environmental programs. Curitiba’s strategy focuses on putting people first and on integrated planning, and these influences are apparent in all aspects of the city. The strategy is what underpins the individual projects system-wide that improve the environment, cut pollution and waste, and make the quality of life in the city better. A clear strategy and vision of the future in
Curitiba has meant that decisions large and small made over the course of 38 years have added up to a city that’s public-spirited and eco-efficient.
Strong leadership resulted in successful, longterm implementation of strategy.
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