Our Piece of the Pie: From Data to Decision-Making

The Bridgespan Group
When nonprofit leaders try to use data to make better decisions, their experiences frequently seem like a 21st century equivalent of . Many have too little data. Others have too much and are paralyzed by its quantity, not knowing which data will yield the insights they need. Very few have access to just the right data, at the right time, and in the right format. Even fewer have the internal capabilities to use that “just right” data to inform important strategic decisions about how to increase their organization’s impact. Our Piece of the Pie® (OPP®) is a youth-serving nonprofit organization based in Hartford, Connecticut. In 2006, its management team undertook an internal effort to define “just right” data for the organization and put it to use. This case study follows OPP’s management team members as they determined what key decisions they wanted data to inform, identified what data was required, developed a method for collecting that data, and ultimately shifted their organization’s culture to better use data in driving decisions.
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