Primary Care Trust's (PCT) single equality scheme: Lewisham,London

Lewisham Primary Care Trust
February 2009
Between 2002 and 2007, Lewisham PCT developed individual Race, Disability and Gender Equality Schemes as directed by legislation. Although these documents may have met our legislative obligations, the earlier schemes lacked focus; action plans contained a large number of individual tasks with no real sense of which activities were most important. This situation improved with the development of the Disability and Gender Equality Schemes, however there still remained a lack of overall strategic direction for the Trust’s work around equality and diversity. As the Government’s forthcoming Single Equality Bill will bring together all existing equalities legislation, we felt that our policies on equality and diversity should reflect this change. To this end, Lewisham PCT has not only used existing data and intelligence to review and update its schemes but has combined them to form a Single Equality Scheme. In addition to minimising the possible confusion and repetition involved in administering three separate documents, the Trust believes that a single scheme will help us to: • Provide a more comprehensive yet focussed approach to equality and diversity; • Identify, and if necessary prioritise, activities that cut across all equality dimensions; • Highlight important links between the equality scheme and other key strategies; • Effectively manage performance and monitor progress towards achieving our strategic objectives. The process of producing this Single Equality Scheme has given us a further opportunity to consolidate past work on equality and diversity to date and agree key priorities for the next three years. These priorities have been identified as areas where we currently need to make the most progress.
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