Snack Pak 4 Kids in Hereford, Texas: A Study of a Nonprofit Organization in Rural Communities

Dwight Vick, Ph.D and Krista Lee
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The case study, Snack Pac 4 Kids – Hereford, outlines the early beginnings of the anti-hunger program in a rural, small Texas town.  It explores the successes, difficulties, and failures in the following areas: 1) community awareness about hunger in the Beef Capital of the World; 2) creating an internal and external organization structure; 3) establishment of a local board of directors, mission statement, and goals; 4) a transparent budgeting system; and 5) volunteer management.  An analysis of qualitative and quantitative responses from recipients, their parents, and the Hereford teachers show program successes and further complications with community buy-in to the existence of hunger and parenting in the community.  The case study ends with a list of recommendations for the organization.
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