Tony Broskowki Budgeting and Planning for Healthcare Providers

Tony Broskowski of Pareto Solutions
Dr. Broskowski comes from a rich background of academics, administration and teaching in mental health care. Dr. Broskowski also has had extensive experience and contacts throughout the United States in the field of mental health and health care services research. He has published over 70 articles, book chapters and one book (Linking Health and Mental Health). He is knowledgeable and experienced in areas of health, mental health, and substance abuse service delivery systems and program models, service utilization and cost information, psychiatric epidemiology, program evaluation, management information systems, organizational design, general management functions (strategic planning, budgeting and accounting, resource control systems, executive decision systems, decision support systems, key performance indicators, personnel, and interorganizational relations - (joint ventures, corporate reorganization, etc.), and the major trends in the area of primary and specialty health care cost containment, employer health coalitions, and managed care strategies.
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