Towards an Environmental Justice Collaborative Model Evaluation Report

United States Environmental Protection Agency
In June 1999, the federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice (IWG) began to develop the concept of an Integrated Federal Interagency Environmental Justice Action Agenda (Agenda) as a way of incorporating environmental justice in all policies, programs, and activities of federal agencies. Finalized in May 2000, the IWG's Agenda seeks to build dynamic and proactive partnerships that access the initiatives and resources of federal agencies to improve the quality of life of minority and low-income communities that suffer disproportionate environmental impacts. To help implement the Agenda, the IWG selected fifteen IWG national demonstration projects in June 2000. A critical component of these projects for the IWG were parties' commitments to collaborate with each other to address environmental justice issues of concern and federal agencies' commitments to coordinate with each other to help support the projects. This case studies IWG national demonstration projects using partnerships to address environmental justice issues.
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