Welcome to Blightville

Becky J. Starnes
This case explores the economic and political implications developed during an attempt to redevelop the downtown area of Clarksville, Tennessee. It is both a descriptive and an evaluative case study. Students will assess facts to identify actors and organizations involved in the case. They will then analyze this information to determine economic and political concerns of each actor. Students will use this understanding to determine which actors (in their opinions) are most important, and to state their own value judgments in regard to the case. This case is set in Clarksville, Tennessee, the ninth fastest growing city in the nation. The problem is the intense conflict that has risen between government officials, interest groups, and citizens who live in an area being considered for renewal. The theme of the case is the complexity of initiating an urban redevelopment project due to the number of actors, with differing concerns, that can become involved.
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