YES Prep

The Bridgespan Group
February 2009
This case study explores the "nuts and bolts" of how YES Prep Public Schools, a charter organization based in Houston, Texas, succeeds in preparing low-income students not only to graduate from high school, but also to enter college ready to meet the challenges of a post-secondary education. Unlike previous Bridgespan Group case studies, this project incorporates video, text, and sample documents to offer a multidimensional view of how YES operates. Video interviews, with YES Prep Founder and Head of Schools Chris Barbic, Chief People and Program Officer Jennifer Hines, Director of College Initiatives Donald Kamentz, and several students, reveal personal insights into the story behind the schools. (All video was recorded and edited by YES Prep students and faculty.)  Links throughout the pages provide connections to related resources, including YES Prep's business plan, other case studies about the organization, YES Prep's teacher evaluation rubric, and even the itinerary of the class trips that serve so imporant a role in preparing students for their college years. Our hope is that this case will foster ongoing and purposeful discussions about optimal school models, teacher effectiveness, and the role that middle schools and high schools can play in preparing students to achieve postsecondary success.
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